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But seriously, I hope that you’ve found Historical Maps of Toronto, Goad’s Atlas of TorontoFort York and Garrison Common Maps, and my still-in-progress Station Fixation useful (and perhaps even entertaining).

Lots of time and work went into researching and assembling these sites. It would be nice to see such endeavours recognized, however modestly.

If you’d like to send in a tip—say, enough for a decent coffee or a subway fare—that would be marvellous.

If you’re open to a larger donation, what I’m trying to save up my pennies for is the digital scanning of an 1846 plan of Toronto by Col. W.C.E. Holloway. Like a number of plans, it was sent up the British military chain long ago, and has wound up sitting in a dusty drawer at the National Archives U.K.

One partial segment has been digitized from a b&w microfiche copy of it at Library and Archives Canada, and it abounds with interesting detail; I’d love to see what the rest of the map contains—and in colour.

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